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Do es the A7V333 have a 1/5 divider?????

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May 15, 2002
Does the A7V333 have a 1/5 divider?????

I dont know what the divider is and I am stilll a newbie in a sence... I am going to run my FSB at 166 after unlocking the multiplyer on my 1.2 266 T-Bird chip...... Do I have to change any settings with the 1/5 divider, if so where in the bios is it located and what should it be changed to???


Oct 2, 2002
Richland, WA
It will automaticly kick in when you are above a certin fsb speed. No need to change anything except bus speed like. A 1/4 divider will give you 133 fsb and 33 pci. A 1/5 will give you 166 fsb and 33 pci. Usually it is best to keep the pci bus as close to 33 as posible. Good luck.


Feb 7, 2002
the 1/5 auto kciks in...if you notice at 160 your pci is underclocked to 30 and at 166 its normal at 33....now i wish there was another divider at 200.....