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Do I need a HDD Cooler???

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Apr 17, 2001
I just got a new 60gig Maxtor 7200prm Ultra 100, I have a ton of fans in my system, and wondering if I actually need one.

And if I do need one, could u give me some links to the best Cooler for my HDD.
Feal the top of the HD after it has been spinning for a while and see if it's hot. With all the fans in your system it will probably be cool. As long as there are no other drives right on top of the HD it should be fine.
Probably not if you have good case cooling. I have four 7200 RPM drives and one 5400 RPM drive. All are kept nice and cool by one 51 CFM 92mm fan in a blow hole on the right side of the case.
...if you can touch your HDD but cannot hold for more than a few seconds, then it's probably around 50'C. That's how my old Katmai P3 (and all of my 7200rpm Quantums) felt like right after shutdown. But if you check Maxtor's website for the specs on your drive I think you'll find that you drive actually has a really high temperature tolerance, I think up to 60'C. I you want, you could place a fan above your HDD or below it, where all the electronics are, to help keep it cool. No point really in sticking heatsinks -did that once and with the dollop of thermal grease I used, it looks as if someone barfed on my HDD.
hey taipan, like what the others are saying, you dont really need one with all those fans, im sure the hard drive will be fine, but remember though, the cooler the hard drive, the longer it will last, like how it is for everything i suppose, including cpu's...
GlobalWin's IStorm cooler is nice, it uses a lateral cross-flow flan, also vantec hard drive coolers with 3 2mm fans and king kong hard drive coolers, same fans, but the fans are attached to an aluminum bay, kinda like a heatsink for the hd....
hope that helped...
Crazy Jayhawk (Jul 17, 2001 12:36 a.m.):
I think the spinning of the hard drive actually helps keep it cool.

No, actually it's quite the opposite. The continuous 'shearing' of the air inside the HDD, in between the spinning platters and the casing, contributes most if not all of the waste heat. A lot of kineric energy gets converted into thermal energy by means of viscous dissipation (think of it as a dampening effect). How hard the drive heads (the clickety-clacking noise) are working have no bearing on the heat produced.