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Do I need an Exhaust Blower?

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Jun 7, 2001
I'm getting ready to purchase an Alpha P3125 for my Slot 1 Katmai. I see an hear so many of these Exhaust Blowers for sale, is it a good idea to have one?

I found several on e-bay, ie. 42 cfm Slot Fan for $6.24 + $5.00 shipping, is that a good deal?
If your talking about the ones that use a PCI slot, well id get one if you dont wanna chop your case adding fans-they can be great for cooling video card GPU's
It depends on what you have for case cooling now and if it's working or not. Are your temps high? If you OC the system, some air flow in the case is definitely a good idea, but you may not necessarily need a blower. You might be able to go with an intake and exhaust fan, put in the existing fan slots in the case. Just a thought.
Well i dont know how well it would work or not but just a comment on it being 42cfm. Many reviews of the product in question were much less than 42cfm (in the range of 20-30 i think most were) Im sure there are some out there that are 42 cfm but the ones off ebay for that price are most likey rip offs, but if you need an exhaust near the vid card i think 20-30cfm would be fine. Just commenting on the actual cfm output.

Forgot to add, nice to see someone dishing out the $$$ for a quality HS, you shall not be dissapointed.