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Do I need: Help? Advice? or Patience?

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Mar 16, 2001
Lafayette, La.
I have been wqanting to build a system since I got a game for x-mas and couldn't play it on my coockie cutter compaq. I spent a lot of time researching which components would be best to use. Here's what I finnally decided on:

Iwill kk266 rev 1.2
1GHz (266fsb) T-Bird (it'a an AXIA)
256mb PC133 cas2 ram from crucial
3D Proffett 4500 64mb
30GB W/D caviar 7200rpm ATA100 hard drive
12x Creative Labs DVD ovation drive
Teac floppie
Stuffing it in an Antec sx830 case and cooling it with a Swiftec MC462A

The problem is the video card isn't avalilbe yet. So when compusa had a I/O Magic TNT2 32mb PCI card I figured that I would get that to hold me over till 4/16/01 when the 3D Proffett 4500 supsedly due out. I put the system together and it was horribly unstable. The only way to get it stable was to set performance at basic accelerator funtions under advanced display proporties. I narrowed it down to the video card. I tried the via 4in1 drivers ver 4.23 &4.29 TNT2 drivers and detonator drivers. Nothing helped. So to check out the card I put it in the compaq and it works great.

My wife gave me a $1000 allowance for this project (she has half the money and all the p#&&y so she gets to set the allowance) and I have already spent $818

Does anyone have a simmilar system? If so what video card are you useing? Should I wait for the Kyro II based card (the waiting is killing me but it is only one more week, supposededly, [the only one takeing preorders right now is Electronic Boutiques])?

Or is there another card that will offer near GF2 GTS quality for about $150?
I think that I'd bide my time until I had the Prophet in my hot little hand. The Kyro II is a great Vidcard, but as of now its Achille's Heel is that it doesn't support hardware T&L. The Kyro III allegedly will--but if too many people don't buy the Kyro II..
I was gonna wait but it was killin' me. So I got on Hercules web site and found a number for a public relations represenitive. Called her this morning and she said that the release of the 4500 had been pushed back until mid May.

I said "Mid May? I thought it was suposed to be released mid april?"

she said it was but that the release had been pushed back at least until mid May.

I just can,t wait that long

please see thread
I'd post Q's re the best GF for your mainboard. When you get enough answers to see a consensus, go for that one. It's difficult to take the time when you have a hot mosheen that's waiting on one component, but if you don't you can wind up with a bad Vidcard(for your particular box), and without the money to buy the right one.