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Do I want to buy an R9 Nano for the price of RX 580 4GB/GTX 1060 3GB (1080p)?

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Nov 14, 2006
As per title. I have a 280X I need to replace because of some VRAM and/or other issues, not just age. There is currently an opportunity for me to buy an R9 Nano (Sapphire) for the same price RX 580 4GB or GTX 1060 3GB is usually sold. The direct contender in my eyes is MSI GamingX 1060 3GB, for being just about the quitest ever 1080p card, however short it may fall in 1440p. In my case, 1440p is not a must-have, as it would basically be VSR/DSR, i.e. basically a form of anti-aliasing.

I'm tempted to go with the Nano because of the card's a being such a wonderful historical piece of GPU engineering but a bit afraid the single fan and small die could generate much more noise than a decent 1060 cooler such as MSI GamingX, plus coil whine from coil compaction once I get to extreme loads, and I certainly intend to. I may be deluding myself, but this card seems to be better prepared for 1440p than at least the 3GB and 4GB versions of the 1060 and 580 respectively. The added bonus is the Nano is proven by tests to scale very well with Crossfire, often to almost the exact double fps. So there'd be some room for upgrade in the future in the event I was satisfied with the card but needed or wanted more power (e.g. due to getting a better monitor).

On the contrary side, a more modern card is probably just simply less hassle, including temps, noise, coils and everything else, obviously including ilfespan. And the MSI GamingX 1060 3GB is also an engineering wonder in its own right anyway. Plus, a more typical 2-fan cooler could more easily by upgraded with a pair of high-quality 12'' fans (probably want a card with more voltage headroom for that).

Other options include paying 50% extra for a 980ti (or FuryX, but those are rare here) or almost double for a 1070, or double for a 1070ti (1070ti most likely would mean Zotac Mini or whatever's the bargain of the day, which is usually Zotac mini anyway; at least it has 2 fans).

I suppose the Nano could be resold easily for at least the same price if I didn't like it, so do you think I should give it a go or skip it?
I wouldn't touch a Nano at this time. Plenty of other, better choices out there. I also wouldn't bother to run CFx either. Scaling in mGPU setups vary wildly by title and resolution. Doubling FPS isn't normal.

12-inch fans?

Skip it. Get something newer. I say a 1070 for 1080p gaming.