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Do my Temps sound ok?

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New Member
Jan 16, 2019
Completed my first custom loop couple weeks ago and just want to make sure my loop is OK. I had to mount the res on the opposite side of the case because i dint have a fan mount for the res and the lian li O11 dynamic has no mount holes. Temps at idle for cpu are 25-28C and GPU 24-27C. During Prime95 smallFFT CPU temps are between 75-80C and during long gaming sessions GPU reaches 50C which i think is kind of high. Can the inlet and outlet be on the same side for the GPU or is that causing flow issues? Water temp is between 23-26c at idle and during long gaming sessions it will see 28-31c.



i9-9900k (oc'd to 5.0Ghz all cores 1.295 vcore -2 AVX ffset)

RTX 2080 (+65 core +1000 memory)


May 7, 2005
those are pretty much in line with what you should expect with that cpu, gpu and loop. the only way to get them lower would be to either increase your overall case flow by running all of your fans, including rad fans at 100%. or adding higher rpm fans. or adding bigger rads or more rads. even if you were to do all of the above your temps would likely only drop a few degrees at load as it looks like your idle temps are about as good as youll get in a normal household room(65-70c). 50c loaded is a really solid temp for your gpu. i think your loop is doing its job quite nicely ;)

what does the loop consist of specs wise? also create a signature so we can more easily see your components and help answer any more questions you may have.