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Do you think 510 CFM of airflow would be OK for a MIDI Tower?? *g*

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Make sure your case has plenty of openings otherwise it'll be much lower than 510 cfm. Having said that, be prepared to clean you case every couple of months. My case exhausts about 100 cfm with all the PCI slot metal covers removed. I have a Justcool Twinturbo double crossflow fan and an extra 80mm fan to boost the PSU fan.
Are you crazy? I bought MaxCool case from www.thecardcooler.com which delivers 355 CFM and it sounds like a vaccum cleaner! Even 355 CFM is overkill. I can turn off one 120mm fan and one 80mm fan and the temperature doesn't even drop.

Unless you're trying to use the computer to circulate air in your room, 510 CFM is definitely overkill. Also, how the fans are organized and flows thru your case is more important than having more fans.

I mentioned something like this in the senior forum but those you mere mortals here goes.
In my experience anything over 100cfm in and the same out in a mid tower case is overkill. The more important thing is the positioning and a clear path for the air, I don't just mean round cables but the fan grills in most cases restrict more than 50% of the flow and cutting them out makes a huge differance. with my case I have 2 intake and 2 exhaust which provides about 75 cfm in and 65 cfm out and even with my case of temps are not affected, I have had it running with around 150cfm in and 100 cfm out and it was still only the same which makes sense as it can only get as low as room temp and my case ambient is room temp and the motherboard about 2oC above
cjtune (Jun 15, 2001 09:54 a.m.):
...but when your case starts to hover, then that's one too many fan.

I think you are off a bit here as he is trying to reach escape velocity :)

Seriously you do not need so many fans in a mid tower. I have an air cooled Tbird running at 1440 in a mid tower. The fan setup is a 92mm Sanyo Denki 55cfm intake in the lower front and a Panflow 80mm 47cfm exaust right behind the cpu + the psu fan. Case temps are only about 2 degrees over ambient at the most. A filter on the intake fan keeps the case dust free.
I hope you dont have any small children running in the area!!! Thats alot, can you hear anything besides 510CFMs? I think you have gone beyond the bounds of deminishing returns bro. You can great results around 50-80 CFM and not need ear plugs. The trick is making the air flow; meaning in and out, and making it flow over hot part of the PC. You dont need all that to get a good OC.
OK, I didn't think that I would get so many replies on the post. And yes, I know that it's overkill, but I want to create something outstanding. I wanted to make sure, that the case temperature never tops the ambient temp and I think with 510CFM this definetly cannot happen. So my goal is achieved.
Just for info: It's a LINKWORLD ATX Midi Tower, that I bought with my old PII 266 System, that survived and is still in use today. I'll modify it with a 350W power Supply, a huge plexi window, 4 120x120x38mm fans(with duct, two front and two rear), 3 80x80x25 mm fans and one radial blower 175x39x140mm(with casing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the 510 CFM !!!! By the way, I'll use sound insulation and especiallly the duct that leads behind my desktop, so that I can still hear other things besides my PC.

I know the best defense is a good offense, but that amount of cooling would be like america having all it's weapons as a defense against say..... the isle of man :)
Loud said:

... Hmmmmm ... :D

Anyone heard of Red Green? :D

Indeed I have... wondering just how I can duct tape a bota motor to my case with the prop acting as a fan... I'm thinking one of the 225 HP four-stroke V6 24 valve VTEC would be the way to go for overall performance and still remaining quiet. I'm sure this is probably a bit new and sophisticated for Red-Green, but hey, we are the advanced group, no?

PS For those of you who are watercoolers, perhaps this motor could be adapted into a water pump??? 30,000 GPH?
CrackedSKull said:
You could always put one of these on the side of your case

Depending on the size you could get-

Diameter CFM
10" 1250
12" 1650
14" 2950

The next page
has a 8" one with 800cfm
you might be able to put that on your front/back/top/bottom of your case.

One more thing, these are all 12v but most of them pull 30amps!

Now you're hovering!

Hmmm ... <measures case> ... one o'them 14 inchers would fit perfect in the side panel of this box! :D

30 amps ... hmmm ... that could prove to be a ... challenge.

It just ocurred to me ... I'd have to bolt the box down so it won't scoot sideways. :D