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Does an Alpha for slocket also cool the Northbridge greenie?

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Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
I need some advice on this, there's a large PC hardware sale nearby this weekend and I wanna go and see if I can get an Alpha and some Artic Silver, and maybe a stick of PC150 cas2 ram. I've seen an Alpha (was it the 6035?) that's specially designed for mounting on a ppga to slot1 slocket, it sucks out air from the side. Would this thing also cool down the greenie a bit? Please help me with the type/number of which Alpha I should look for. Thanx!
It would also be useful to know what other HSF's are worth looking for, in case they don't have any Alpha's. ( I see soo many brands and types posted on this board) I also liked the article about the ThermoEngine HSF. (I'm from the Netherlands, and they only have the more general stuff here) If I really can't find anything useful, I would order online eventually...
The Alpha PEP66 is the one you are referring to and is the one to buy. The Alpha PAL6035 and other coolers designed for socket 370 motherboard will work with the slotket in most cases, but sometimes you lose one RAM DIMM slot. The PEP66 is a great cooler and should be perfect for you.

If you have an Abit board, a cheap 40mm fan fits the northbridge greenie sink perfectly. An old 486 CPU fan works just fine.
ok Today I got a PEP66t (new model with the flat surface also for AMD and ppga)with a generic fan for now. I apllied it with the silver colored thermal paste that came with it, and it performs great! The clip is also real easy, it mounts just by hand. And the foampads make sure the sink cannot move around on the CPU-die as was the case with the Intel HSF. So far my full-load temps are 10C lower than before..
Excellent! Somebody finally listened to me, followed my advice and was actually happy with the results on top of all that... yippee... I feel good.

Also those Blue Orbs will fit right on the northbridge chip, but you have to pull the motherboard out to get to the backside in order to unclip those push-pin things that attach the sink. The Blorb should snap right on... don't forget to use thermal paste.

By far the easiest and cheapest thing is to slap a 40mm fan onto the greenie. I'm using a $5 Sunon 40mmX40mmX20mm fan which is twice as thick as the normal 40mm fans (moves more air) so they are cheap even for the better fans. Prior to the new fan, I was using a free recycled 486 CPU fan and it worked just fine.
I wish I could mount something on my greenie. On my BX6r2 it sits directly under the Alpha Pal6035 and I haven't found any fan with a low enough profile to fit in there. However I will keep looki' :)
The Tennemax Lasagna cooler might fit, but you'll have to remove the greenie as this cooler is a sink with a little fan recessed down into it.