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Does anyone have any experience with a PCIe -> MXM Adapter?

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Chainsaw Senior
Aug 19, 2002
Redmond, Washington
Anyone have any experience with one of these? Obviously it's a PCI express x1 -> MXM GPU adapter...


When I plug this into my desktop the GPU gets warm but isn't detected in device manager. On a hunch I thought maybe it wasn't getting the full 75W of power than an x16 slot would provide--since obviously the x1 card isn't going to trigger the x16 sense pins--so I grabbed one of those mining PCIe x1 -> PCIe x16 adapters that sends everything over a USB cable...these get 100% of their power from an external power source (either molex or SATA) and that would ensure the GPU gets all the power it's asking for.


Well it still doesn't work! Any of you have any actual experience with these or any intelligent thoughts on what it would take to make it work?

My only real thought as every part of this is new to me (and interesting) is that you are assuming that the part you got from Ali-express actually works. My other thought is along the lines of your MXM adapter is PCIe 3.0. What ver of PCIe is your MB?
I've got a few different MXM GPUs and they exhibit the same behavior (they get warm to touch but aren't detected by OS), hence I don't think the problem is a dead GPU. I have no ability to confirm the PCIe adapter is working but if you look at the thing it's about the simplest device you can imagine--frankly from my non-engineer background I don't even think there's anything on the adapter that's susceptible to static electricity. Aside from physical damage I don't think it's possible to break the adapter.

The PCIe card is 3.0 as is the motherboard.

These things are meant for cryptocurrency mining...anyone have pointers to a mining resource that might actually have touched one of these?