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does anyone know how to make a Vcore & Vmem mod on a Hercules Geforce 2 PRO ?

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New Member
Mar 8, 2002
does anyone know how to make a Vcore & Vmem mod on a Hercules Geforce 2 PRO ?

I've searched on the net, but found no guide for the modding of this card...
that would be most cool if someone gave me a link for this!

thx in advance
hello mcrapid, welcome to the forums!

both GPU and memory on a GTS are supplied by the same regulator as I recall, but I could be wrong. Regardless, it should be the exact same as any other volt-mod- find the regulator for the V you want to adjust, and hook in a potentiometer between the power source and input leg of the regulator. OR use a single-value resistor instead.

Haven't seen any links explaining it, but you can figure it out for yourself if you have the right tools I bet!

Just make sure you have adequate cooling- a vmod will definately increase heat production by a lot.

Link to a Geforce 3 volt mod
thanks for the welcome :) , rare enough to be mentioned !
maybe u are right about the regulator model , but I've also seen video cards from other manufacturer's that needed 2 resisors instead of 1... so if somebody has already done the mod on this card, additionnal precisions would be welcome !
(thx for the link 2!)
huh, 2 resistors, I haven't seen that. I'm all curious now!:)

Maybe 1 resistor for gpuVcore, and 1 for memVcore?

I'll keep my eyes open for a link for ya- I haven't done a voltmod since my Voodoo3, I'm kinda rusty:)
ok, i understood what was said in the article (at last), and the the chip used on the ASUS V7700 is the same, but I can't see to which precise pins they connected the resistors...

if anyone has a picture of better quality, that would be really helpfull !