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Does anyone own a Voodoo 5 6000???

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Me (Jun 22, 2001 01:27 p.m.):
I would gladly take this card over the Geforce 2 ultra anyday

I never heard of it, and i showed this post to a friend whose been in PCs for 10+ years obsessively, he said they don't exist. yet, a day or so ago I saw a link to an Asian page discussing this card at length, in Chinese... needless to say, I don't speak, read, or write a single letter/word of chinese.
The stroy behind this card a i belive is this..if I remember correctly

When 3dfx was going out of business they had made the voodoo5 6000, the difference between the voodoo5 5500 and the 6000 was the 6000 had 4 chips compared to the 5500 that has only 2, also instead of 64 meg ram it had 128 meg ram (DAMN!) also the card was even longer in size compared to the 5500. 3dfx sopposedly sold this to quadro3d in a effort to keep from going bankrupt.
I was also wondering what happened to this card.
Here is a link on info of its cancelation...There is also a link to an old preview of the card at the bottom of the page. it has a few pics of he actual card.

You have to wonder if any of the 3dfx guys who lost thier jobs got one of these things...and are being secretive about them...

I am thinking of getting an aTi Radeon 64 meg ddr for I have heard it has very good picture quality ..
lol it almost looks like that joke 3dfx card that somone made. the one with loke 28 processors or somthing like that.
you mean like this one, its a hall of famer just imagine the possabillities with this card 128 megs of sdram the only problem is the power consumption and massive size
All graphics card companies make high end cards that 99% of the user out there don't know about. Most aren't for open sale, and are aimed at graphics companies and the movie industry. The rest are just one-offs. Kinda like concept cars.....
I don't believe the voodoo5 6000 ever made it into production. It was suppose to be the next card they released right after the voodoo5 5000 but at this point they were already in dire financial trouble and the end was near. Not long before their demise in a last minute attempt to recover they announced they were no longer going to make their own card and would go back to just making chipsets and allowing other comapnies to produce the card (much like the way Nvidia only makes chipsets and card manufactures make cards using those chipsets). Anyway, I believe they made a deal with Quantum3D (not Quadro3D) to manufacture the boards. Anyhow, it never made it into production. I beleive there were a few issues that held it back. For one it sucked huge amounts of power. Supposedly it was going to require an external power supply that would have to plug into a wall outlet and then plug into a connector next to the VGA connector on the back of the card. Secondly it ran very hot. It was also a rather large card and was going to cost somewhere in the $600 - $700 price range (and all you guys bitched about how much the Geforce3 was supposedly gonna cost). Lastly and most important, it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. A Geforce 3 would have whipped it badly. Also, it should be noted that the 128Mbytes of memory is not really like a 128MBytes would be on any other card. Just as the 64Mbytes of memory on a voodoo5 5500 is divided between the 2 gpus in such a way that it is only the eqivalent of 32Mbytes on any other card, so too was the 128MBytes of memory on the voodoo5 6000 to be divided up between the 4 GPUs. So, you see it would have been the eqivalent of a 32MByte card. Not too impressive when you examine it more closely eh? All of these factor plus the fact that 3DFX was quickly sinking added up to the card never seeing the light of day.
The V5 6000 never did make it into production. I was a member of the old 3DFX Gamers forum before they sold out to nvidia. That was by far the best forum on the web at the time! Much like this one is. But all the members on that forum awaited the release of the V5 6000, but it never came. They kept pushing back the release date everytime it came up. From what I can remember they did have some sort of problem with the arcitecture to get the card to run in 4x AGP. Something with the SLI on the card. Thats why the V5 5500 does not support 4x AGP. The way the arcitecture is designed to run the Dual processors is'nt supported by 4x AGP. The card was supposed to retail for around $600.00! WOW!
I suppose theres a few prototypes floating around somewhere! I'd love to get my hands on one!
BlakeN (Jun 22, 2001 02:34 p.m.):
lol it almost looks like that joke 3dfx card that somone made. the one with loke 28 processors or somthing like that.

Yeah I was trying to find that pic it was funny as hell!!!!!
since i have a v5 i go to the x3dfx forums every once in a while to see whats going on. there were a few prototypes made but only like 4 of them worked. there was one sold on ebay a few days ago for 1000. it worked fine until the kid flashed the bios and now he can only get 2d to work. a 2d card for 1k. 1 was solld a few months ago for a thousand off ebay. it really was a fast card but was way too expensive and the external power supply was annoying.

here are some v5 6k pics:

what 3dfx shouldve done:
Since the vsa100s are set up to be in sli allready, 3dfx shouldve made the vsa100 cards able to be linked together like the voodoo2s. 2 v5 5500 = 1 v5 6000. of course you would need pci versions of the cards to get more in your machine. but think about it. people buying 2 v5s. or a v5 and a v4. or 4 v5 6000s. yeah, thats alot of cash, but 16 vsa 100s. that ***** crazy. well, the bottom line is, more people would have been buying multiple cards. that means more money for 3dfx and overall better cards.

(sorry about the long loading time with the pics)
I stand by what I said earlier. That is, that if you had one today, it wouldn't be all that impressive in terms of performance. As someone mentioned earlier the release of this card kept being pushed back over and over again. Whenever that happens with a piece of hardware it doesn't bode well. First off, It means there are problems causing the release to be put off. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, it causes the product to become outdated before it's even released. Remember, when the Voodoo5 5500 was released? That's been a long time ago. Since then 3d cards have advanced a long way. Nvidia cards are much faster today than they were then. Also, we now have the Radeon and even the Kyro2. All of those newer cards would probably outperform this card. Plus that card would suck huge amounts of power and act as a space heater inside your case.

As for the joke web page that feature an image of a supposed 3DFX woohoo card with all those chips on it, I beleive that was partially inspired by this card.
You know wha tI want to see?
I want to see thier entirely new Chipset that they were supposedly working on, The Rampage.
What little I know about it was that it was going to be a black and gold card, that shipped in a wooden box, and it was supposed to be *better* than the Voodoo5 6k...
I was reminded about htis whe I saw some news (or a rumor, can't tell for sure) that 3D Power has been hiring all the late 3DFX Employees.
could be wrong. Woudla been nice to have a black and gold Vid card tho, that's for sure. :)
Oh, and ME, I noticed in your Sig:
"vodoo 3 3dfx overclocked to 195mhz"
What's the card? 2000? 2500? 3000?
How'd you overclock it? I'm having trouble overclocking mine...
Sarlok (Jun 26, 2001 02:59 a.m.):
Oh, and ME, I noticed in your Sig:
"vodoo 3 3dfx overclocked to 195mhz"
What's the card? 2000? 2500? 3000?
How'd you overclock it? I'm having trouble overclocking mine...

I have a voodoo 3000 agp 166mhz stock 195 overclocked. All i did was glue a P3 fan on to it and overclock it. It works perfectly and the fan helps cool my system alttile