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Does more Case Temp= less CPU Temp?

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Dec 18, 2000
Kent, UK

A higher case temp generally results in a higher CPU temp. Since the HSF blows the air inside your case onto the CPU it's cooling ability depends on how cold the air inside the case is.
Like with my system, my CPU temp is always about 17c above my case temp.

Hope this helps
Higher case temp doesn't necessarily mean lower CPU temps. Newer high-speed drives and particularly SCSI drives give off quite a bit of heat, some mobos have hot spots, and even your power supply and CD add some heat. If you haven't already, you should try to add more intake and exhaust fans to reduce case temp.
It appears that I am the only one who is understanding mark thus far. In this particular case, yes Mark. The Alpha is not as effectively cooling the CPU, it isn't dumping the heat in to the case.
I understand what he is saying. The heat from CPU is transfered to the heat sink and then into the case thus raising case temp. However if you stop there the temp will continue to rise until it overheats. You have to get hot air out of the caseand cool air in thus lowering case temp and CPU temp
Cheers, Jeff. At last someone who's on the same wavelength.

Heat output shouldn't be a problem with my case, dadx2mj:

I've got 2x 80mm (1 36CFM Sunon & 1 47CFM YS-tech) fan dragging air from the front at the bottom of the case.

I've got 2x 60mm (26CFM) YS tech fans above my AGP plate, and two 80mm Sunons at the top rear (above the PSU and behind my hard drive cage).

My PSU is set to suck air out of the case also. OK, so Theoretically, there's more air being pumped out than being pumped in, but there's nowhere else to stick another fan unless I hack a hole in the bottom, but that could damage the structural integrity of the case (And its a lot of hassel, Empty case, ask dad to borrow Tank cutter from work...)
I agree with Jeff on this one - if the alpha gives lower case temps presumably more heat is left in the cpu; remember, all other devices will pump out the same amount of heat with either fan, so any temp rise can be attributed to the change in cpu fan. If the hotter air was being recirculated over the cpu rather than exhausted out the case, the cpu temp and case temp would continue to rise higher.