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does silikon good to glue heatsink to the ram

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New Member
Dec 24, 2000
i want to overclock my geforce2 mx card and my memory dont have heatsink.i was able to get some heatsink but i dont know how to glue them i have superglue,epoxy and silikon what is the best?????
10x hai sarusi
None of those are really good options, but if you are determined to use one of them, epoxy would be the most acceptable. What you really need is Arctic Silver Thermal epoxy. You can order it from www.InflowDirect.com. You can have it overnighted if you are really impatient, but you should do it right the first time and not screw it up with normal epoxy, super glue, or silicone and destroy your vid card at the same time.
what can i say im living in israel so i cant order artic silver from InflowDirect.com
and no ******* store(or online store) in israel that i l know about sell it so i have to use that stuf
The best thing to do is pick up some high performance thermal grease...put a thin layer covering the whole chip...take some sort of napkin or cloth and wip of a little bit on each edge. That is where you are going to put the super glue. Now put on the heatsinks. Do one at a time...putting either presure down on each one with your hand for 30 mins each or put a 6 pound weight on it. one at a time...be patient.
what is high performance thermal grease
and were can i get it
does ordinary greez will do??????