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Does SuperOrb just Blow?

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Feb 2, 2001
Delray Beach FL
I got a superorb and mounted it and the enclosed grease on my TB900 @ 1010 (A7V) and it peaks around 53C. I'm not real thrilled. What is lopping?

I wish I had read more here before I bought it, but so it goes. From what I've read, I might be better off with a Taisol CGK742092 (great name) sink with a Papst 33 fan or something similar. The Alpha Pep 66, maybe with a Sunon 23?

Any other suggestions. It doesn't have to be the ultimate (what am i saying! Of course it does...), but I would like taking the TB faster and don't want to until I get it cooler.

Weird thing about the SOrb is that it is cool to the touch all the way down, and then is only warm at the base. I think the problem is that the sink narrows where it connects to all the vanes and then widens. Maybe it would work better if that were expanded somehow?
Yes, from what I can gather, it does blow. I noticed the same thing with mine. I have a 950 T-Bird @ 1080, and never felt even warm. Felt LESS than room temp.

Then I got my new Mobo and Case. T-Bird is now on a Asus AV7133 and is ALWAYS warm. I think that my problem, and this may not be yours, is that my motherboard/ powersupply wasn't providing enough juice to run the 950 at optimal performance.

Since I bought the new mobo and 350 W p/s all of my benchmarks went way up (and we're talking WAY UP).

I don't know, thats just what I experienced. Hope that may shed some light on your situation.

Run-em cool.

950 TB @1080 and climbing!
It's an enlight case with an AMD supported 300w PS. That really shouldn't be the problem. I could still jack it up to 1.85 (it's at 1.80 now). But I just read somewhere else around here that LOWERING the voltage could help. Yikes! Doesn't make much sense to me, but the theory was that raising the voltage produces more heat so lowering it makes it more stable.
I would imagine that if you wired it up backwards, it would suck too...

Sorry about the double post- it seemed like the system hung and when I hit back- POOF instant double post...
You did that on purpose Tim!

The heat is always there, my friend just bought a T-bird 800 and o/c'ed to 1ghz, he had the superorb and it didn't work worth a ****. So he traded it in for a GW FOP38 and better thermal compound, the temp went down 4C but its still in the mid 40's. With the makeup of the AMD T-bird I feel you would be hard pressed to get that 800 under 40C.
Try lapping it (do a search on Google on "How to Lapp an HSF" and read it).
There are also reports that inserting a ring inside and around the top of the orb increases it's efficiency - just read about it via a post on [H]ardOCP the other day, sorry but don't recall the actual site.
Just found this in one of Tims' posts - thanks Tim :)
I don't know what all your problems are. My Tbird 700@950 runs at 33c at full load running prime95 for days. BTW, I got a FOP38. I also have a baybus with switches that lets my run the noisy Delta at 7v. It quites that badboy right down. But doing so makes the temp rise to 39c. This is all running at 1.75v(default) Anybody else here watch The Screen Savers? Leo put a crappy SuperOrb on a Tbird 1.2! I'm sorry, Leo is cool and all, but when he did that, I had to yell at the TV for a few minutes.hehehe Also, for those that want to know, I'm using RadioShack thermal grease.