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Does the Abit KR7A-133 support USB 2.0??

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Feb 27, 2002
Anyone know if it it supported? I looked on the website but did not see any info? :(
Nope, 1.1. But an outstanding board in every other respect. After a LOT of research for a new board, it's my choice for a new one I'll soon be getting.
Wouldn't it be possible for a new BIOS update (if available) to support this? I guess if the BIOS doesn't support it then an add-on card still would not support it either?
I wouldnt hold my breathe for a BIOS update since it is a hardware issue. A controller card would be your only choice. It will be treated as another PCI card.
well thats not so bad :) ..... I have seen a 4-hub USB card for like $30... As long as it supports 2.0, it will transfer at 400mbps?

Im concerned since I want to get the external HD case (USB) h45 to place an old 13GB HD in to store backups, etc ....... Thanks
I was a bit surprised when I read this. From what I've read, the problem has been software support. Some mobo's has supported 2.0 for some time, but Windows hasn't supported it. Am i so total wrong on this? I've also read about linux having it for some weeks.

The only Mobo's that I know of that have ONBOARD usb 2.0 (not have an additional card) are the MSI boards. All the rest are 1.1
The new Abit AT7 also has USB 2.0 built on to the board.

Good Luck!