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Does the new Nf7-s (nforce 2)have a pci lock?

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Oct 31, 2002
very good question, I want to know as well. I think it is only NForce2 board out there support AGP x4.

Also I want to know its max system bus speed. on Abit site, they said they tested 237mhz.

What is the Vcore adjustment Max @? 2.20v?


Aug 20, 2002
EluSiOn said:
very good question, I want to know as well. I think it is only NForce2 board out there support AGP x4....

Think the Epox board supports the 4x if it's at 1.5V


Oct 23, 2002
Saint Genis-Pouilly,France
I do not know for the rest of the world but in sweden there's a online vendor that lists the NF7-S for release in december at the price of 1479Sek. [$164]

Quoting Abit page...

Front Side Bus
Only ABIT allows for the Front Side Bus to be adjusted up to 237 MHz-at least 17 MHz higher than the closest competition.

5 Bit Frequency ID (FID)
This overclocker friendly FSB is made possible through ABIT's use of a 5-bit Frequency ID (FID), allowing the FSB multiplier to be adjusted from 5-21. Other motherboards use a 4-bit FID, meaning the FSB multiplier can only be adjusted from 3-13, resulting in higher possible overclocks on the FSB.

Guaranteed Voltage Settings
ABIT allows for more voltage adjustments than the competition. Voltage can be adjusted in the CPU, as well as DDR memory and the chipset. While other motherboards may offer higher voltage adjustments, only ABIT guarantees that all of our settings will work.

3 Phase Power solution
The reason for ABIT's guaranteed overclockabity. ABIT's 3-phase power solution is back. This ABIT Engineered solution ensures more power to the CPU (up to 75W) while overclocking, providing rock-solid system stability. This means fewer crashes for ABIT users and higher overclocks.