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Does the swiftech cooler really suck this bad?

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Mar 14, 2001
Well I just got both my swiftech coolers in. One was the MC462 with delta fan, the other was the MC370-OA with delta fan. Now the MC462 is a beast and that thing keeps the temps extremely low, I am very happy with it :)

BUT the MC370-0A, is getting outperformed by my Alpha PAL6035 with a YS-Tech fan! What is wrong here?! The Alpha can do 1400 mhz stable, and the swiftech won't even make windows at 1400! Do I need to use a LOT of Arctic silver on this cooler or what? Cause I already have a thin layer of Arctic siler on it.

Next to the "Big Guy" the MC370-0A is one of the top HSF's out there. Sounds like it may not be seated properly. Might not be enough clamping preasure to chrush the 4 feet on the cpu and make good contact with the core. You may need to tighten down the screws some more also make shure the 2 screws are tighened the same amount or there will be uneven preasure on the core causing it to tilt very slightly to 1 side, use a ruler or count the # of turns. Only use a paper thin layer of AS on the core.