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Does this 4790k need delidding?

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What about the fan? Not sure of your fan curve, but I see it isn't moving any faster between one shot and the next. Im pretty sure my fans are running 2x the rpm for my phenom II @ 4GHZ. Not sure if there is a big difference between fan models/cpu type but I think those numbers are a bit low for adequate cooling. Food for thought I guess :)

Ah yes the fans... This case is pretty sweet as it comes with a control module for the fan speeds. The 2 intake/1 exhaust fan are connected to that, while the 212 and the 2nd exhaust fans are on the mobo fan headers.
I advised not to use the module, as the speed contols didnt have a very big range.
The reason the fan speeds arent changing from shot to shot is because i have set all the fan speeds manually in bios to the "Full Speed" profiles. I havent tried pushing them farther with the pwm settings tho.

- - - Updated - - -

Mastr - If you hit prtscn button, then paste in paint and save, you can attach a screenSHOT which is a lot eaiser to read. Or use windows snipping tool.

my apologies for the cell phone captures, forgot to activate low light mode on the first one. Since he just wanted to leave it be i didn't want to save any screen shots to his computer.
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When I re mounted the cooler this last time, I realized that:
A) it is a Hyper 212 LED - not the EVO
B) I confirmed that it was on incorrectly. the bolts that screwed on to the back plate had come loose and came off with the spring screws. The re install last night went with out a hitch. everything is snug.

I'm back to considering the stock cooler to see if this 212 LED is defective. I didn't see any cracks in the heat pipes, and still looks pretty dang good. The exhaust air is hot under load, so it seems like its transferring the heat well enough.

When I talked to my buddy about the stock cooler, he said it was originally way hotter than this 212. He said the idle temps dropped by like 10-15C after he put it on. I'm curious to confirm this, but lets say I switch it to the stock cooler, and the temps are the same(doubtful), that would mean the chip needs RMA right?

I've seen a couple threads mentioning the Intel RMA process, they have you run a specific "stress" test right? Can anyone direct me to that test and the passing requirements? I'd like to see if its even worth calling Intel.
Alrighty... Had some time to work on this so heres an update:

Gave the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool a shot. And it passes... Only gets up to 50c on the stress test. Does this mean that Intel will not RMA it?

A friend directed me here: https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-23517

Seems like this XTU thing may be on to something. That article describes this issue perfectly, but i cant get XTU to work.
It doesnt register processor at all. Shows 0 for speeds, temps, and only lets me adjust the base clock. Seems like a driver issue but not really sure how to tackle it