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Does this look ok FX6350 Asus MA599x Evo R2.0

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Jun 21, 2016
Hi guys, new to over clocking. i have been scouring the forums and tried Oc'ing for the first time.
My build is as follows (first build and on a budget don't judge :D)
FX 6350
Asus MA599X Evo R2.0
16gb Corsair Vengenance 1600 ram
Corsair CX850
Corsair H90 two fans in a push pull config
Fractal design R4
Sapphire HD 7970 oc dual x
2 x 140mm corsair fans intake
2 x 140mm corsair fans exhaust
Windows 10 Pro
240gb BX 200 for OS and programmes
500gb seagate 6700rpm for storage

so I have what I think is a stable over clock and would like any advice to improve it. used AMD overdrive to stress it and ran for 2 hours no crashes
oc to 4.7ghz temps seem stable highest was 57c but sits at 48c after it settles down on the cpu and at the socket its 55-56c peaked at 57 c
screenshot is the rest of the info any advice on what I should to do make it a safe oc would be appreciated, many thanks :D


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Looks good!

What's your NB (North Bridge) speed?
2400 Mhz is a nice number for that. It'll give a small performance boost.

Also run Prime95 Blend for 2 hours just to double check your stability.
Have you run Prime95?
Looks pretty solid, do you have good airflow over the VRM/socket?
I changed my board today from a M5A97 Le R2.0 for this as i thought the vrm cooling was sufficient, but it has a fan on the case sitting just next to it as an exhaust, And i will check my NB as im pretty sure I left in on auto aha #noob to this :D thanks for replying :D

- - - Updated - - -

NB was 2000mhz changed to 2400mhz and will dl prime 95 now :D
Slightly warmer with prime not sure if thats the stress test or the increased NB frquency

Turned fans up on controller to 12v and temp dropped :S lol still learning


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A little of both, you're still in the safe range though.
Just keep an eye on it through the test.
sitting at 63c on the socket and 51 c on the core atm, sorry for all the edits new to the forum and to overclocking :D

- - - Updated - - -

spoke too soon core 3 and 5 failed with maximum number of warnings exceeded, shall i drop the clock or increase voltage slightly, wow can see why they call it a torture test aha
I'd up the voltage just a hair. You'll need to watch temps though because it'll put you closer to max temp.

Prime95 is absolutely a rough test!
Is your voltage changing from idle to load? If so, up or down?

This assumes you're getting a constant voltage by having your power savings settings turned off.
voltage goes up slightly from 1.404 idle to 1.44 under load, all power saving disabled that is after I just increased it one notch
Okay, the LLC is doing a bit too much work then. Test the different settings until you find the one which keeps the voltage closest to what's set.
I think Shrimpbrine always set the LLC to high? Not too sure on that one.

62C package and 70C socket are the highest temps we like to see. For daily use I would be fine with hitting 58C package and 67 or so C on the socket.

(Truthfully, the FX 6xxx lineup can go to 70C package so the occasional spike to 62C is fine in the real world.)

Looking good otherwise!
Once you find your stable overclock you can leave it as is or begin tweaking with the FSB which will grant you finer control of the memory, NB, HT link and CPU speeds. Remember though, when you increase the FSB, you increase every clock in the system so you might have to back down the CPU and RAM clocks :)

That's the true fun of AMD. They are a blast to tweak!!
Thanks for the advice, I am running prime 95 as we speak but will change the LLC to high and restart seems stable so far and moved the tower think it was the location increasing temps View attachment 180639


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That looks good, but you have to run P95 a bit more than 3 minutes ;)

Usually, the instruction set in the 10th/15th minute increase the temps by 5/10c.

Run it at least (very least!) 2 hours to check for stability.

Just as an example, I thought the rig in sig was [email protected]/1.28v, but P95 crashed after 3 hours, and it needs 1.31v.

If not stable, it can go through a 1 or 2 hours stress test with no error/BSOD/reboot, and crash after 2 mins in BF4 or Witcher 3. Talking from experience here ;)
For FX on ASUS boards I typically run ultra high on CPU and high on NB. UH keeps the CPU voltage closest to bios settings from my experience.