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Does this seem right??

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Dec 26, 2000
Tulsa, OK
I just put my system into a new antec case. I'm running a water cooling setup. I have the radiator in the front of the case with 3-80mm fans blowing out the front and 2-80mm fans sucking air in the back. My temps at load (prime95&3dmark2000 at the same time) are 43C for the cpu and 32C for the case temp both measured with a thermocouple. Cpu temp seems to be the same as before, but the system temp is about 5C-7C higher than before. I wanted the front fans to blow out through the radiator so as not to dump the hotter air in the case, but did I restrict the air flow by doing so? Any tips would be great. I had always ran my radiator outside the case prior to this install. Just want to know if this is normal. Thanks
yeah, it does blow some hotter air in. Could you add a fan or two in another spot of the case. Also, place your radiator before the cpu to have the coolest water going into the block.
You might consider ducting the radiator fans so that they just suck air from outside the case and spit it back outside. Also, I believe you should have the fans pulling the air through the radiator as opposed to pushing it cause pushing it causes more turbulence.