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Does this sound right?

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Feb 14, 2001
Ok, i setup my first peltier/water cooling setup. Do these temps sound high to you? 24 *c idle/29*c under load. On a 1.1 t-bird @ 1.417(AVHA0101WPEW). I am using a 156 watt pelt, a Swiftec waterblock, 150 gph rated pump with a resevoir, HWBlack Ice radiator w/ 2 120mm Fans. It is pretty hot in my room 80*F. Let me know what ya thinks.
First, I am not an expert on pelts. Second, Athlons put out A LOT of heat, so you probably won't get below zero. For the room temp, that would be pretty good using my standards, but I don't have that much pelt experience.
Here are a couple of things to check.

Check the water temp going into and also exiting the block it could be that 150gph is not enough.

You are using the team delta psu for the tec right? They come set to 12v by default. There is a trimmer for adjusting the voltage, raise it up some and you should get better results. You will not get 0 or sub 0 temps with this kind of setup on a TBird as they through out way to much heat for that, on a P3 you would though.

Go to this thread http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Read&BID=5&TID=16392&SID=13990 I posted some pics with the hook up and voltage adj for the psu.
I got the power supply set to 14 DCV. The pump and radiator seems to be doing a good job. I'm using 85% distilled water, 10% water wetter, and 5% anti-freeze. Its seems to be transfering heat good, cuz you can feel the heat in the pvc tubing and the two 120mm(100cfm) fans are doing a good job too.

Everything is in a full tower, with the pump at the bottom going to the waterblock. Then it goes up to the radiator at the top, then back down to the pump. It's about 25" from the radiator down to the pump. But looks as it flows good. When in was bleeding the air out, the bubbles circulated through tubes retty fast.

-The only thing that i was wondering about is the Swiftec Waterblock hardware. It only lets you tighten it down so far, maybe not enough.
-What would happen if the voltage was increase on the TEC, and what would be a safe level.
14 volts is a pretty good setting for a 156w tec. You could try a little more as they are rated for 15.8v I believe just watch your temps because the sweet spot should be around 14-14.5v

You are using the same mixture as I am and that has proven to work very well.

If you want to add a little more preasure to the Swiftech mounting system add an extra washer under each spring. It is safe to do this as I tighten down my Maze 2 block more then what the Swiftech allows (I have both blocks) and have never damaged a core yet..
those are great temps especially for the water block! Well done.
Well, i think its just too damn hot in my room in the summer time, can't wait for winter to roll around. I am really happy that this all came out workin, thanks to this website and help from other crazy, sick and twisted overclockers.
I got my 1.1 t-bird upto 1.41, where as before it would only run at 1.2 air cooled. I could prolly go a little higher if i went down on the fsb, but my ram likes it at 157.