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Don't Forget The Thermal Paste!!!

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Dec 5, 2001
And Here's why.

The proc is a 1gig Tbird. I cleared the CMOS, which set my FSB down to 100mhz. Thus my TBird was down to 750MHz. I go into bios to change it, and decide to check my temps. 44C. I was thinkin it was a little warm. I rebooted and went back into bios. Now running at a full 1GHz I let it sit in bios for a minute and came back to see 59C on the screen. Then of course i remembered the AS2. I put some on, booted back in, it was down to 39C. Much better. But not good enough. I had yet to sink the ambient down to -20C. After that i'm runnin around 18C. Much better. A whole 41C temp drop. Now that's something.

Next up, sub-zero proc temps, i can't wait to get my water cooler. I'll just love seein that thing goto below 0.

Although a question does come to mind.

Is heat the only limiter on clock speeds. Let's pretend for a minute. I have a 1.4GHz AHYJAR-Y running at -50C. Now lets say the chip drops out at around 55C. Is it possible for me to continually overclocking this chip until either 1) FSB is topped out or 2) chip reaches 55C. Basically can i max out the FSB and multipliers as long as my chip is cool enough, or does every chip have it's wall.
all chips are different and all chips have walls.

if temperature was the only limiting factor to CPU speeds everyone would have 308948230842398ghz comps with LN2 or Vapochill.
PCI and AGP Components (and RAM) have trouble coping with high speeds. Also, at mega high speeds, the traces could burn up.