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Don't trust asus probe

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Dec 19, 2000
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I don't think Asus Probe is reading my temps correctly. My P4@2900 MHz runs at 40-41c full load according to Asus Probe. Its snowing outside so I opened my window and my room temp by my desk is 12c yet the CPU temp still won't go below 40c. I would try MBM5 but it doesn't work with the SIS 645 chipset. I think SIS has a monitoring program but I cant find it. Any ideas?
That isn't entirely true; the Asus probe has about a 10-11C offset from other thermistors. It also has roughly a 5:1 compression. So if you subtract 10C from it and enable the HLT command with wpcredit then the probe gives you the correct CPU temp at idle. When not idling, the Asus probe will be off by varying amounts. It tends to report temperatures too high when the cooling is good (water cooling), but it will report temperatures too low when the cooling is particularly bad.

Long live the Asus probe!