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Doorbell camera.

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Jul 17, 2003
I am looking to buy a few but I don't want one that requires a subscription. Here is a general list of what I am looking for:
Allows storage to a local server.
Wired PoE if possible.
Good picture up to 4k depending on price.
Good night vision.

I am less interested in battery power units as it's one more thing to take care of. I don't want a subscription. I want a reasonable image quality both day and night. Cost is to be determined by what I find is availible.

I've been looking off and on for a few years. I'm ready to look more seriously. Doing Google searches brings up things like Nest and Eufy which both have thier "Pros" but they also have thier "Cons". However, if they are the best choice, then I will give them more consideration. Ubiquiti is too high priced for the quality so while I keep looking at them, I keep having to force myself to look away. I really want Ubiquiti to be my choice but they can't be right now.

Maybe I will buy Ubiquiti doorbell cameras but I'm holding off due to the fact that they did just recently release a 2nd gen camera that I like but the price.... the price. I want two to start off with. A third later on.
I use the Arlo wired doorbell and like it a lot. Very sensitive to movement to the point it picks up people walking up to the door and videos them before and after they ring the doorbell. The video does not rely on them pushing the button and records them regardless. I believe they also have a wireless version now but I don't use it.

I have the whole Arlo system so it ties in with my main cameras and subscription. Not sure if there is one required for the doorbell but I like the cloud backup the Arlo subscription gives me. You might check it out.
The Arlo are even on sale and if I get the refurb from Amazon, they are $90/ea. Not bad by any measure. I looked at the newest Ubiquiti doorbell camera and really find it compelling when you realize that it has a downward facing camera to take still of your packages and such when movement is detected. The LCD screen is a bit much and I don't see that I will use the finger print sensor to unlock my doors but the fact that it is there is cool. Assuming that I could get one, which I can't, they retail for $300. I could buy three Arlo doorbell cameras for that but I would have the data on MY ubiquiti cloud key plus.
Downward facing camera is interesing. That said, If the motion is setup correctly, it will turn on and catch anyone coming up to it in the first place. On the Arlo, it cuts off around 18" if it was mounted flat (mine is pointed inward).

Screenshot_20220610-131651_Arlo Secure.jpg

I've since moved the general camera to a different location and going to order one more for the backyard.
I believe you can also have the Arlo doorbell turn on another camera automatically as well. I have so many cameras that by the time the doorbell picks them up I have a side and front view of them already so I don't have that feature turned on.

I'm about to replace my backyard camera with the spotlight to give it a shot. The camera is mounted on a tree facing the house so I'm not sure if the light will bother me but it will sure light up the backyard. The neat thing about Arlo is the options are almost endless as long as you want to spend the dollars on it. Also the ability to put cameras just about anywhere is good for setting up ambush views an intruder wouldn't expect like a fence post or a tree facing the house. Over time I have built a system of 10 cameras with most on solar panels and the doorbell so I have covered most of my property with no wires.
OK. Since we are talking about Arlo, what is the storage like? Local storage? I think that I read that the AI is only availible if you purchase a subscription? If I just want to review an extended period of time how long does it store? For example, If I want to get an idea of general traffic around my immediate property; How long does it keep data on the cheap? Although admittedly, Once I see the pattern around my house, I'll get board of it and won't look much after I've satisfied my curiosity.
Hmm, not sure offhand. Mine aren't recording live constantly like that. They just light up when it captures motion in the designated area.

Im also OCD diligent and delete any files after a couple of days so I've never really kept much on there for more than a week or so. There were dozens and dozens of clips though. I want to say it holds AT LEAST 30 days worth(?).
I know my main Arlo system has the ability to store on a local USB drive plugged into the Arlo hub but I don't believe the door bell has that ability because it doesn't rely on the Arlo hub. I don't use the local storage option so don't know if it has a limit or anything like that. I have the old grandfathered subscription that is like $99(?) a year for 10 cameras with 30 days of recordings saved on the cloud. The cheaper option was like 10 days maybe? The subscriptions have changed since I signed up so they may be different now. I've always thought of that as a big plus for Arlo that they kept my subscription the same when they later changed them.

The cameras have the ability to record 24/7 so you could monitor a period of time but it would tear through batteries unless you hardwire the power (which is an option for all cameras). Turning the mic off might help but it would still use a bunch of power. Otherwise they record for a set time whenever there is activity. I have most of mine set to 30 seconds for example, there is also a record until movement stops option but that could record a bunch of tree movement and chew up batteries.
I have five of the older Arlo Pro 2 cameras. They cannot record continuously while on battery power, they have to be plugged in. A paid cloud account might be required 24/7 too, can't remember all the details. My account allows for 5 days of free cloud recording for 5 cameras. I have a 300GB portable hdd plugged into the hub for extra storage too. Of the five, three of the cameras are in trees.
My fault. I didn't mean 24/7 recording. I don't care about the lack of traffic or the absence of movement. I'm thinking more like, do they have built in memory of 64 GB or something? Do they limit the number of days?

We have camera systems all over at work. The courts have cameras that they have to keep for years based on case files. The Jail keeps data for 60 days unless they have to pull something. The Courthouse itself keeps data for like 30 days. These are all stand alone systems with recording on our SAN. None of these apply to watching over my house so having this equipment at work and guys who work on it are of no value to my goal.
Ahhh **** me. I put the 2 doorbell cameras in my cart on Amazon. I might just buy them. I'm so on the fence. Times like this, I say **** it and walk away. See if I wish I had purchased or not. This might be one of those times. Having a hub in my basement on my UPS and attaching up to 5 GB USB storage would fit my need/wants.
I gave up on Nest some time ago. I love my Nest thermostat and Nest Protects but the doorbell had too many teething problems and they are subscription based. I'd like to keep my subscription exposure to a minimum.

I don't see any refurbs on thier site at the moment. I'm still looking though.