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double reservoir cooling concept?

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Apr 1, 2002
Hey guys,

I was just thinking and I dunno if anyone thought the same but here it goes:

Wouldn't it be a good way to cool if you had two reservoirs filled with water and somehow have a programmable/timed y-valve that sets one reservoir to be used for the cooling system at a time?

That way, if you find out that it takes 5 minutes for the temperature in one reservoir to get warm then you could program the valve to switch reservoir every 6 minutes so that some water can "rest" in a reservoir while the other res is used.

I don't know, any thoughts if this is possible or not?
Probably it would take longer than the 5 or 6 minutes rest for the second res to cool much, you'd just end up walking the temps up slowly and get the same end result after a couple of hours as you would with having a reservoir twice the size in the first place.

I think,

Road Warrior
Yeah this is possable, but it would require lots of extra hosing, and some electricly controlled valves:

when computer starts: Pump A is on, and valve A is open, pump B is on and valve B is closed

after six mins, Valve B opens, Valve A closes, Pump B clicks on and pump A clicks off.

after another six mins: Valve A opens, Valve B closes, Pump A clicks on and pump B clicks off.
Road Warrior is right. There will be no appreciable difference between this system and one with single resevoir that is twice as large.

actually, I am thinking that it would make a difference because I am currently building a "cooling" reservoir in the same concept as Gemini's.

That is a tube of acrylic with copper tube running from the bottom to the top and a quiet fan in the bottom. I will also try to create some turbulence so that the heat is exchanged between the copper tubes and the water.

In that sense, I believe that having 2 such reservoirs with one used at a time for the system could give more time for one cooling reservoir to do its job while the other is used and vice versa.

Anyways, thanks for the replies.
Say you turn on computer and res A(20*C) is in use and B(20*C) is sitting there doing nothing. 5 min later res b(20*C still) turns on and a(25*C) turns off. Now in 5 min before res a turns back on again we need to cool it back to 20*C or the system will slowly heat up and after 3 hours it will be at the same temp as if it had one res. I think the trick to this is to run the water in res a through a radiator while its not in use and do the same with b when its not in use. This way you should be able to cool the res down to original temp fast enough that you could keep doing this forever. To do this I think you would need 3 pumps. One pump to push water through the system, one for pumping res a through a radiator when its not in use and another one to pump the water in res b through a radiator when it isn't in use. I think you could get by with two radiators (one for cooling the system and one for cooling whichever res is not in use.) I hope this post makes sience. If it doesn't I can try to explain it another way.