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Doug: thats one helluva heatsink!

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Sep 17, 2001
Orange County
In case you guys haven't checked out the front page lately, Doug has an article today showing how he used a very interesting technique to make what looks like one helluva heatsink.

Of course, the only potential problem is the loss of thermal transfer between the silver solder and copper sheets, but I've got a feeling that sucker will have some major performance.

Oh, and Doug, you might want to have a duct extended beyond the side of your case to mount that comair fan. That would probably help with the airflow restriction when the duct is tapering. You also don't want the dead area to be focused on the center of the heatsink.
that isnt a article... i saw that link posted around 2 weeks ago on hardocp.com ... i have seen other sites link to it as well
Emericana said:
that isnt a article... i saw that link posted around 2 weeks ago on hardocp.com ... i have seen other sites link to it as well

well, it's still one helluva heatsink;)
I personally LOVE Paul's funky water block? It is nothing but cool! That is something that I would come up with because I am getting so tired of square and rectagular cases and parts on our computers! Don't the companies have any clue that looks, AS WELL AS performance can sell a product in the computer feild? Look at the iMac and the new iMac. Something new and different which made a lot of people buy MACS! I am not down on Mac, hell, anyone who can keep their business going for this long on mostly looks is an evil genius in my book! Why do we mod our cases? Its to make them cooler in both ways. We need to get the companies to put out more inovative things, not just a new color on old tech, but a new shape, color and higher performance. Sorry about the soap box everyone! :eh?:

edit: Sorry again! I forgot to say that that was a great job with the air cooled hs as well. Talk about a lot of work!
Wow! Is this "Exotic cooling day" or what? Those are two amazing looking devices.
I like the heatsink for its simplicity and excellent execution.
However, that waterblock looks like some sort of funky 1800s era antique. It'd be worth making just for high-tech/antique contrast.
Great job to both of them