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Dow Corning silicone insulating question

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Feb 14, 2001
When insulating the inside of the socket, do you cover everything on the inside of the socket, or do you just close up the space between the socket and mobo? I'm going to be using the Dow Corning stuff. If the entire area of the inside of the socket is covered, is there a need to also cover it with neoprene? Thanks for any help.
I usually end up filling the inside of the socket up about 1/2 way and use neoprene for the rest. Make sure to use enough silicone to cover all the components on the mobo in the socket, the neoprene does the rest. Check the thickness of the neoprene you have as you don't want to end up with the insulation sticking out of the top which will prevent the cpu from seating properly. You may need to get some neoprene in a few thicknesses to get it right. I just put the right amount of silicone in the socket for the insulation I have on hand.
Here is a pic of what it should look like if you are as sloppy as me. Not this was my first attempt and this board is no longer in use. Don't forget to seal the back side of the motherboard behind the socket and insulate it with neoprene.

Cool, thx for the help. Just one more question, should the temp probe be covered with the silicone and stuck through the neoprene or just left alone and stuck through the neoprene? I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but I just wanna make sure I have everything setup properly.
Keep the silly goop of the probe. You may even want a dab of Artic Silver on the probe to improve the accuracy of the socket themistor.