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Dragon KT333

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Feb 2, 2001
Quantico, Va but am from Queens, NY
Yup, that's right. For all you Dragon fans, it just showed up on the Soyo sight and it has all the goodies that the D+ had except now with USB2.0, CPU overheat protection, and DIMM voltage. If I hadn't already bought my Gigabyte, or ruined my D+, I would get this board because I liked the way my D+ functioned. May it rest in peace:cry:
well I'm bashing my head into my cement desk at work. I want this board. If I only would have waited one more month. One day I'll upgrade (slip it in under the wife's nose) so then I can get the most out of my corsair 2700. The dimm voltage adjustments are nice. Now the D+ is perfect.

Have fun.
Me too, my impatience got the best of me. I had the D+ but killed it. I would've loved this board because it is just like the other one just with more goodies. However, since I'm not rich, I won't drop the $$ for it. I'll just wait for the SS40 to come out so I can replace one of my desktops with it.
well i dont see what u guys see then cuss i went to the soyo site and the only ultra i see is the p4 dragon ultra unless thats what ur talking about
hrm i dont see the big deal besids some ram voltage and ata133 support and that usb thing the dragon boards suck and have to many problems on them and if u go to 160 fsb the board will break i garenty it both my boards died at a 160 fsb the little power things goin to the vid card popped but i solderd it back and fixed it nowi can go to 170 fsb so the boards are all messed up
wow, they switched to the highpoint RAID controller too, that REAL NICE.
i had a dragon+ for a long time, that was a trulyu great board, i just needed dimm voltage for my crucial