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dragon orb

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Feb 17, 2001
will the dragon orb suck as much as the older orbs? i saw picks and it looks like it screws or connects in two pieces. right smack in the middle of those stupid round fin things. they also 'improved' the clip? haha.

here's a link to the pics http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/#991690400
its sorta down the page some. man, i have to go. these orbs are sickening.
Interesting design...I'll keep my "an orb is still an orb" coment to myself untill after i see its performance
interesting design indeed. Maybe intel should give it's OEM heatsink a flame-job, then people would swarm to buy it! :)
this could actually do well, it looks to have about twice the surface area especially noting the fins on the inside. We shall see, the orbs faulting have been lack of surface area. Looks to still have that clip people hate though.
Ok, what's the nick name going to be? We have the BLORB (Blue Orb), The GORB (Golden Orb) CHORB (Chrome Orb) This one's blue And Gold... How about the BLUGORB or DRAGORB. If it is like it's predecessors we can call it CRAPORB III.
Slake- hehehe..CRAPORB =D (nice!)

Orb's aren't so bad...for your video card. I'll hold off on saying anything about the Dragon Orb until I see the thing in action. Who knows, maybe this will be the hsf that redeems the orb!
krakerman (Jun 15, 2001 12:40 a.m.):
possibly, but who in their right mind would try it out? ;-)

Joe did, it's on the front page now. It did OK, for an Orb at least. Sounds like the clip is a killer, though.