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Draining my loop, ugh!

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Apr 1, 2014
Everett, WA
Alright so I built my first loop about a year ago, and needing to drain it and flush. However, being my first loop and being a complete noob I never installed a drain valve so I am wondering does anyone have any suggestions as to a good way of draining this would be to not cause a massive leak and damage components?

Thanks in advance!
Can you post a picture of the loop, it will make it easier to make a recommendation.
Yeah I can probably do that just might be Monday before I can, no internet at home yet just moved! Best I can think is to pull the PSU from the bottom of the case, using a Corsair 900D so I have lots of room on the bottom, I have the radiator mounted low but the MB up high but I was thinking that if I do that, is there going to be enough pressure where the water will forcefully come out of the loop?
take the cpu block off the mb , tip on side disconnect the tube from the block let it drain.
I plan on doing a full strip down and rebuild of my PC, after the time it's been setup I have seen a few things that I should have or wanted to do differently. Ordered some new coolant and looking at ordering some new tube as well.
Lowest part of the loop is usually the best place. I also have a 900D with a T-line to a drainage towards the front between two rads.
I guess I am kinda lucky in my case... Everything is in the main compartment. Unscrew block, rad, and res, carry the still sealed mess of tubes and parts to the sink and just start disassembly. It's easy when the whole loop can come out as one part.
image1.JPG image3.JPG image4.JPG image5.JPG
New coolant just arrived so I'm going to give it a shot haha, we shall see how it goes. I might be able to take the loop out as one, I'll have to try that first I suppose!