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dram overclock good ?

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Oct 23, 2002
does anyone know if dram overclocks well ? if so which brand is the best for overclockability ? i currently have an amd rig but am trying to decide on whether to get a p4 w/ ddr or rambus; please note that i want to overclock it.
Depends on the particular memory used.
Some overclocks well some does not. Same with rambus.
In general rdram will not overclock to as high a fsb.
what i meant to say was rambus, will rambuss overclock to say 1200mhz if its pc1066 ?
so its safe to assume that i can get a 400 mhz overclock out of the P4 without changing the multiplier of the kingston pc 1066 rdram on air ?
Depends on the P4 cpu a 1.8a yes a 2.26b probably not.
You need to find out the average max overclock for the cpu on air then determine the fsb needed to run that speed.
Post the cpu you plan to use.
2933mhz is a 400mhz oc.
No idea if that cpu can usually oc that high on air, ask in the intel cpu section.
The memory should be ok but borderline. Make sure the motherboard goes to 154fsb not all do.