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Dremal Question

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Feb 9, 2002
I got the cordless dremel b/c it said battering life 3 hrs and I should never have to use it longer then 1 at a time. Now I end up recharging the thing after 5 min of cutting. Do they make an adapter to convert this to a corded one? Can I buy more batteries? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Ohh and also where can I buy some blades for cutting metal with my dremel? The blades that come with it get burnt up after cutting 1/2 of a 120mm fan hole.
Just about no dremel blades will last that long cutting metal. You can buy more batteries, but don't recharge them until they are absolutely dead. Some batteries "remember" charges, and you can end up lowering their lifespan. Not sure about the adapter, check your manual for listed accessories.
Just about no dremel blades will last that long cutting metal.

Only if you dont use them right. I cut an 80mm blowhole and my window H12"x L8" using only 2 reinforced cut off wheels. You have to cut very lightly or else the wheels will become small very quickly. I have the corded Dremel. I thought the battery would be better because there would be no cord to get in the way, but now I am happy because my cousin has a battery Dremel and he cant do more than 30min. work without having to recharge for a couple of hours.
The reason your battery times are so short now are because dremels use Nickel Cadiums, which have memory. If you use it, charge it, use it, charge it with no regard to the time of each usage, your battery will give up on you. To prevent this, you gotta use the battery till the very end everytime, and charge for the exact time , everytime. This may seem complicated but doing this will ensure your ni-cd battery lasts long. hope this helps. I also regret geting the cordless version, it simply does not let you get your work done.
You would think that the lousy battery times would give thecompany a bad rap. But NOOOOO, thay just keep selling more. FYI my family has the corded version and we use it all the time.
Battery powered Dremels wont last for the typical jobs
we do in mods. I don't know about an AC adaptor, but
the blades and such can be found even in WalMart.
wow..Im glad I got the corded Dremel..I also looked at the battery powered one....as far as cutting 120mm or 80mm fan holes...If you can afford it..get a "hole saw" there TONS faster(I drilled my 3 120mm holes in less then 5 mins:D)...and there not all that expencive...
I got an older battery powered dremel and it really sucks. Dunno if your local walmart has them but they carry a cheap dremel knockoff for $19.88 if your tight on money and only thing I can say bad about it so far is that I've run out of things to use it on. Cut up the plexiglass for my case in just a short while with it where as it took forever to make two cuts witht he batterypowered dremel. Just wouldn't spin fast enough or long enough. The knockoff is a Handi Works Rotary Tool and all the dremel;B&D rotary tools will fit it without the extra price for th company name. It may burn up next week, I don't know, but so far it has been an exceptional buy. Cutting some blowholes next week which should prove quite easy as well.