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Dremel out the top of case /PS?? Help dissapate Heat

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
i got good airflow but was wondering if i cut a hole in the top of the PS, then another one in the metal part of the case directly above it but leave the plastic outer case intact would that helps get rid of more heat-i already got a fan on the bottom of the PS blowing up through and out the back, or would putting a hole along with a fan in the plastic outer case above the LS be better

Setup is GORB w/fan in it, 1 90mm blowing up and out the rear of the PS, another 90mm mounted in the rear sucking from the back of the processor, 1 120mm in the bottom front blowing in-dont know temps cant check-mobo sux, and MBM wont work, but air feels bout room temp
Do you have a enermax ps?

If you do here is what I noticed it sucks the air thru the back of the ps as much as from the fan on the bottom.
Since there is not much difference between the top of the back slots and the top I would doubt it would help much.
Also if you add a fan that blows in it would probably overload the rear fan and start pushing air out the back vent holes.

I have the temp sensor bybassed so the rear fan runs at full speed always.

I would go for the cutting a hole thru the whole case and put the fan blowing out.
is it possible to have one at the top blowing out, or is the PS in the way? If you can put one blowing horizontally out that seems to be better than a blowhole. If you do cut a hole at the top of the case, get a pair of nibblers from the shack, you will have a whole lot less mess. They are like $10, and you don't have little shards everywhere like you would with a dremel, and those things will ruin a PCB.
yes it is kinda in the wya-ther is like 3/4in between the PS nd teh interior metal casing-just enought ot have a fan, it might protrude from the case but only by mm's-would that help heat??,, or hurt it by letting the cool air escape?
it should help if you have a fan or two blowing in. As long as it has a fairly clean source of airflow it will help. Don't mount it right above the power supply giving it no room to suck air from.
hey placid i have and enermax you have a diag that shows which ones to jumper or where the sensor is at..
Its 2 wires that come out with the power wires and has a black round thing(the sensor) on the end of the 2 wires.
I just cut the sensor off leaving a couple inches of wire so it would be easy to put back on if I wanted.
Then stripped the 2 wires a little and twisted them together and wrapped it with electrical tape.