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Drew's i7 Build

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May 29, 2006
Hey all,
So finishing up deployment, got a fairly nice rig scoped out, wanted to run it through the collective wisdom machine to make sure I don't miss something.

Asus P6Tv2
- 279.99
Diamond 5870 - 419.99
Corsair 850HX - 179.99
i7 920 - 288.99
Cosair Dominators 3x2GB - 229.99
intel X-25MG2 160GB - 549.00
HannsG 28" Widescreen - 309.99
Total: $2,257.94

I already have a case ( see the little build-log link in sig ) and water cooling system, which will be re-used for this. I just need to get new blocks/tubing/etc. I'll also pick up a couple smaller hard drives for storage ( probably 2x 640 in R0, building a media server later on, don't need anything too big ).

A few questions:
1. Worth waiting for GT300? I'll have a secondary 19" LCD as well, I should be good either way, but haven't heard anything firm on GT300.
2. I think that RAM is good, but I've never been terribly good at picking ram...
3. Hoping to get a pretty high 24/7 clock out of the 920, although I think the Rampage 2 Extreme, while having a great name, is a bit too much without enough gain for the dollores, this the case?
4. Any other suggestions? I'll have a new build log up for it, so more to follow....mostly to be used for gaming, occasionally other things ( VMWare/photoshop puttering about, etc ).


Jan 9, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
1. I think it might be worth waiting for some more spec info on the 300 series.
2. Corsair Dominators aren't bad at all, you do pay a minor premium for the heatsink though.

Other than that it looks nice. Anyone else able to shed light on the board, I would appreciate it also.


Trashcan Man Member
Nov 25, 2008
If you are going for gaming and a high overclock, you'd probably be better off with one of the newer i5 or i3 chips. They overclock more and are cheaper, and they'd probably be just as good for gaming (If not better due to the high OC).

Scratch that, I'm blind.
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Jan 30, 2008
I've never used the P6T motherboard, but I have used the Rampage II Extreme motherboard, and absolutely loved it. Back in the day, I went from an Asus P5Q to a Maximus II Formula (both P45 motherboards), and the difference was like night and day. If it's anything close to the same for the P6T and Rampage II Extreme, I'd definitely say it's worth the extra $70. If you're doing a high end build, might as well spring for it anyway :)

As far as the ram, I have the same set, and don't have a problem with it. It's great ram, but right now the prices on it are a bit screwy. When I got mine, they were $160 on the Egg. For example, here's a dual channel kit, of for what I can tell, the same sticks. Same speed, timing, voltages, etc... Just different model number for the different kits. $130 for 2 sticks vs. $230 for 3 sticks. If when your ready to complete your order and hit the purchase button, if they fall a bit in price to the $160 - $180 price, I'd say get them. If not, I'd look at other options. G.Skill's always been my second choice of memory, and this looks like a good kit, for $165.