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Drilling in my heatsink

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Mar 8, 2002
Any Big issues with putting a small hole in my heatsink (from the top down) so I can put a thermistor ouching my cpu?
Use really good drill bits, a drill press, if you have one, and use some oil to keep the bit lubricated.
No huge issues, other than why you would want to do it :), but...

Make the hole as small as you can. And get the thermistor as close to the cpu as you can (i.e flush). AMD actually recommends making an impression in the CPU core for making the best measurements - I don't suggest you try this :)

It may come as a surprise to some, but right at the CPU/HS interface, the temperature gradient may be 2 degrees C (or more) per millimeter (in copper).

To a lesser degree, the position of the thermistor relative to the center of the core is significant. But since I have no accurate information as to relative heat dissipation over the core, one spot seems as good as any to me.