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Drilling MOBO for heatsink need HELP!!

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Max Meadows, Va.
Just got the Q Power water cooled case and AMD A7M266D MOBO, and need too put holes in the MOBO for the heatsinks. Was wondering, what the correct way to get the holes in the board is. Afeared of frying cpu's and MOBO. Need suggestions please.
Thanks Barry
Welcome to the Forums Bulldog101.

I do not recommend drilling holes in the motherboard without having a schematic for the board. You might hit traces that you can't see. Motherboards have layers on the PCB. You might hit one accidentally. If I were you I would try to modify it for the 6 lugs you have on the board. I know that they sell waterblocks that you can use just the lugs on. That might be a better alternative.

Thanks for the reply Bull, The MOBO has the places where the holes where supposed to be, looks like solder over them, just thought someone else had already figured out a way to put the holes in it.
I just order that MB myself and from what i have read you can drill out the holes. But sense I have not done this myself I can realy give you any tips. I think all Asus did was not have the holes drilled
I agree - I wouldn't drill the board! instead create a mod utilizing the lug holes for mounting the board.... doing that could give you many gains -like extra bars for more fan mounts for better cooling or to run your wires with for a cleaner look.... etc etc
If indeed the spot on the board is there, just undrilled, then one would assume that it is safe to drill.

Use a new carbide drill bit, and a high speed drill. It is best to do this on an unpopulated board so you will need to set the board on some relativly soft material, preferably static disapative. I would be very concerned about bogging down (PCB material is surprisingly hard!) and generating heat that could potentially damage something.

Are you really sure you need to do this? I would not even consider it on one of my mobos.