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Driver install is a pos.

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May 15, 2002
Whenever I used to install drivers it puts them where they need to go, but the one I downloaded from MSI's site just extracts. Never says where to extract to. I guess they assume everyone alive knows where to put these files? Maybe .00001 know where they go. So, where do I put these? I tried where the other ones were before I uninstalled them, but it doesnt do anything. I would download a different one, but these ones are recommended for my motherboard type.

I have ME over 98SE.
try doing a search for nv*.*, and slayn what problems are you having? ive been a lot happier with the 8500 drivers now than i was with those damn infinite loop Geforce2 drivers:mad:
It should not matter where you extract them as you'll need to run the setup program included with those extracted files, and that setup program will copy them to the appropriate folders and update windows accordingly.

I had few problems with ATI drivers in the past, but I have a few issues with not uninstalling them before updating causing some files to remain from the older drivers, mixed in with the new ones, causing BSOD... thank god for norton ghost :p.
There isnt a setup icon. I have checked everything. There is an uninstall though.
Yeah, thats the whole point of the thread. To find out where to put them. Simply reading the thread message says this. Sheesh
What are the drivers for?
Also what operating system are you using?

If you use windows and the drivers are for a piece of hardware, just right click on 'My Computer' go to properties. Then click on whatever tabs you need to go through to get to device manager. Find the componant that the drivers are for, right click and go to properties. On one of the tabs that comes up there should be an option to update drivers. choose that but when the dialog box comes up specify that you want to install from a specific location, then specify to search only in the folder that you extracted the new drivers to. Windows will then copy the drivers from the extraction folder to the proper windows folder automatically.

Hope that's what you were looking for and that it helps.