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Driver Problem (I Think)

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Mar 16, 2001
Lafayette, La.
I just put together a new system with old left over parts, parts purchased from the classified section, and a brand new shiney radeon 8500. It apears to operate fine (haven't played anygames yet) except when I tried to run 3d mark 2001 se. It either freezes or boots to the desktop while running the Dragothic game in high detail. If I set it to run without this game it finishes just fine. What is different about this game? could a driver update help?

System is not overclocked. System specs are PC Chips Mainboard M805lr, Duron 950, Radeon 8500 retail, Onboard sound, Onboard LAN, 24x CDrom, Old seagate 8gb ATA66 hard drive.

Using VIA 4.37 4-in-1 drivers (installed agp driver in normal mode and turbo mode and it has no efect) and the video drivers that came with the cd. I have not yet run gl setup. (maybe that will help.)

Anyone have a similar problem? Any sugetstions? What are the best drivers for the 8500?
the drivers that came with the card are known to be less than perfect....i have heard that the newest WHQL's and Beta drives on the Ati site are VERY good.....
prolly the drivers and that bench, my dragothis usually beats any non ati 8500, but i get blown away on the other 2 game fps's. might be tooo fast, we hope:):)
We've all heard stories about hose ati drivers. Go online and get something more updated.
i always have problems with that darn dragothic game.
waht is so different about that one? new vid drivers should
fix the problem. the 6032's get the best performance in 3dm
over the 9043's
I installed the 9009 drivers and now I get all kinds of random crashes. Tomarrow I will try other drivers and let you know how I fair.
Ok. I tried four different drivers along with numerous combinations of bios settings. I tried everything I could think of and nothing helped. So I finally gave up. I switched the Radeon to the system in my sig and the GF2mx to the new system and both work great. No problems at all. using 9009 drivers in the Radeon and 27.50 drivers on the GF2mx.

So I guess my motherboard just didn't like the new card.