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Driver problems with Nvidia

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New Member
Jun 23, 2004
hey guys, im pretty familiar with my drivers. I have 56.72 nvidia drivers that seemed to work very well untill i installed some 61.XX that someone recommended. They didnt work as well and gave me about -1000 points on Aquamark03. Nedless to say i was not satisfied so i swithed back to my old 56.72 drivers. however, i now am stuck with the crappy fps that the newer drivers gave me. I thought that it was due to driver residue so i ran driver cleaner... didnt help. is there a problem with the newer driver cleaner or am i going at cleaning my registry all wrong? i want to get a seperate small scsi drive for windows so i can have a fresh install of windows, without a fresh install of all my saved files, for every new driver i try, but i have no money right now to invest in a new drive. I would greatly appriciate advice on waht i should do to clean my registry or what i should do to fix my driver problem... any help would be awsome.


Sep 21, 2004
dicecca112 said:
I used the ones from here when I changed from ATI to Nvidia http://www.driverheaven.net/cleaner/

search function works great, i was reading on video card performance and how it is import to remove your old drivers then install the new ones in order to avoid conflicts or "residue" as on poster commmented.

thanks, i've never done is before but i will read the "readme.txt" file.

i love this place :)

now i need to read on how to flash my gainward goldensample fx5900 into a fx5950u.