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Jun 1, 2001
Sin City
My cpu was running at 128f and mobo at94f. My case inccluded a mobo tray. I found 60mm thin turbo fans at PCNUT.COM. I cut 2 holes in the mobo tray. I directly behind the CPU and on a inch under and to the left. then cut 60mm blow holes in the door behind the fan holes. Both fans blowing in. I caould not belive the diff in the temps. my cpu dropped to 108 and mobo to 84. If you have the room give this a try, It really works.
In you case you would have to cut a hole in the inner and outer case side, then mount the fans to the inner.However you must have enough room to allow the door to be put back on.
it may be dangerous to put a fan behind the mobo when using water cooling because you would have to take the neoprene out and allowing the possibility of condensation. at least that is my thoughts on it.
If your water cooling with out a pelt there is no chance for condensation because the water is at best room temperature.
Sorry to burst your bubble but the odds are that you were cooling your thermistor pins which measures your temps, this will drop your temp readings quite a bit but but they are not really your CPU temps. they did a study on this on the front page with good temp probes and what they found is that the CPU temp was only about half a C cooler but the thermistor had a compleatly different reading by 5C. I did this mod and was amazed at much cooler my CPU was but i could not figure out why i could not overclock any higher with such cooler temps well the next day i read there report and i was a little dissapointed to say the least, her's the thing if you can overclock your rig higher because of this mod then go for it what i found out was that my temp readings were inaccurate so i put a small fan instead of the 80mm i had this way i was still getting my half a C and my temp readings were more accurate.
I put 2 fans inside the side panel of my pc, blowing at nothing (near the front) both are 77mm fans moving about 35cfm (each)of air inside the case. The fans dont actually blow air at nothing in particular it was just a mod to cool my case down and guess what... it did by about 10 degrees C. Theres more air coming in, causing a positive air pressure inside the case forcing hot air out (noticable too). I didnt have any fans ,prior to this, circulating air inside the case so the temp got a bit high, around 41degrees but now it gets to about 31-32 degrees even after i play games the temp inside stays cool...