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Jan 17, 2002
have you all heard of this new internet thing DSDN hes the web site http://www.airswitch.com/ and what is a good internet provider or modem to get Cable,DSL cause DSDN not offered in many areas hopefully will be offered in my area soon thanks for the help dudes
I've heard of this type of service being in developement. But I don't think it's employed anywhere yet.

I've not heard of this service being available anywhere. Is it available where you are? Do you know how much it costs?
No its not avalible in my area if you go to the website and click on the video on the side bar theres a 13 min video explaining it they said it would cost around as much as cable it goes 100mb per sec upgradeable to 1gb per sec lol pure insanity well i think the video pretty much explains it so check it out cause i dont know to much
I watched the video. It never did say exactly where this is already available. It also never says exactly how much the service will cost.

Right now, I think this site is oriented toward ISP's rather than individuals. They probably want to sell this service/technology directly to them so the ISP's can install it and then resell the service to the end consumer. I'm betting that they are just guessing that the cost will be 'competitive' with cable and/or xDSL. They probably have to fudge a little bit in order to get ISP's to take a look at their product.

In any case, there will be the requirement of running new wiring/cable to each home--and that won't be cheap!

Of course, if it turns out to be available in your area AND it's not much more expensive than cable/DSL, then sure, 100Mb/s would be awesome. It's basically high-speed ethernet to your door. It probably wouldn't require any special 'modem.' You could probably hook it directly to your PC -- or to your router/switch (and then off to all your PC's). Just keep in mind that your download speed will likely be limited by the servers' connections rather than your own--so you probably won't see a full 100Mb/s from any one location.