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Oct 25, 2001
Auburn, Alabama
Ok here's the deal. I live in a college town where everyone pretty much owns a cable modem in my area so I've pretty much decided that I'm going to go with DSL as my choice of broadband access (so that I don't have to share). Anyway Bellsouth is offering a plan in my area 256k up and 1.5mb down. Is anyone else using there service? I'm curious to hear how you do or don't like it. Also I'd prefer to buy my own DSL modem but I can't seem to find any. Directron.com has one for around 150$ that's internal PCI, but I'd prefer an external one. Anyway some links to some sites that sell modems would be appreciated.



Aug 6, 2002
Chicago, IL
I would ask them for a guaranteed speed for your address. Always want to check your distance from the providor, as distance can degrade your connection fast with DSL.

Also you may want to check out. www.dslreports.com they have some great resources for questions like yours. Good luck.

My old DSL modem that I used when I lived in PA was a Westell and I had pretty good luck with it.