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Dual Celeron w/ abit

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
Does abit make a dual board for the tuatulion (sp) celerons. I checked the site and all i could find was one for the coppermines. If they dont, who does?
nope. the only dual celeron board they made was the bp6? for the old ppga celerons. the only dual p3 board they have is the vp6 and it doesnt support the tualatin cores.

you might be able to get lucky and find two p3 1000E CDO's that will do 1333 and a vp6. I know a few people out there got this working.

i have 2 1000EB's on my vp6 and I'm running them at 150 fsb. 1125 mhz.

i believe Iwill has a dual tualatin board. no one officially supports dual celerons. intel just decided not to neuter their mp capability.
Thanks, I checked it out and it doesnt support the dual celerons, just chips with 512k caches, so that the good pIII. Damn oh well.