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Dual channel Problem

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Oct 31, 2016
Tooday I bought second stick of Ram the name of ram is HyperX Savage 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 HX324C11SR/8
Both of them works fine in slots B1 and B2, I tryed single stick in every Slots A1,A2 dont work there is only black screen.

When I try Dual channel them I get bios warrning like that
2017-02-08 17.05.09.jpg
Right now I have then in B1 and B2 so at least I have 16 GB in single channel mode.

I looked at compatibility list and is seems that the board supports HX324C11SRK4/32 I have HX324C11SR/8 But from what I am looking at them they seems to be the same.
HX324C11SRK4/32 seems to be set of 4 sticks of 8 GB and HX324C11SR/8 is single 8GB of the same stick as HX324C11SRK4/32. So I think I am fine there.

I also have bent pins in my motherboard
I think that may be the case but everything else works fine can those bent pins affect only slots A1,A2 without affecting B1,B2.

Can someone give me any advices that to try before getting new mobo so I am 100% sure thats the issue.

PC specs:
ASRock H87 PRO4 H87 LGA1150
2xHyperX Savage 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 HX324C11SR/8
Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1231 v3
XFX TS 550W 120mm 80+ Bronze (P1-550S-XXB9)
GTX 970

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Bent pins are never a good sign and may well be your problem. I would at least attempt to straighten them out. Obviously take great care if you attempt this.

You don't list any specs but from your screenshot and your post, you have a wicked nice machine. 16 GB RAM, Samsung 850 SSD, Xeon CPU...

The BIOS is from 2014 and while it may be the most recent, I would check to see if there is an updated version.

In looking at the RAM that you list, they both seem to be the same speed and CAS so you don't have a problem that way.
I forgot to post specs here they are.

ASRock H87 PRO4 H87 LGA1150
2xHyperX Savage 8GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 HX324C11SR/8
Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1231 v3
XFX TS 550W 120mm 80+ Bronze (P1-550S-XXB9)
GTX 970

At first I had latest BIOS which is 2.20 from 2015, after I tryed everything I tryed to downgrade BIOS to 2.10. Since 2.20 had less RAM settings in bios I thought I should give a try 2.10 version of BIOS sadly it didnt help.

Ps. about straighten pins, I am bit worried that I can make it worse and PC will not turn back on. Right now at least it works. I just want to try every possible solution so I am sure that I need to replace my MOBO.
Bent pins can definitely mess with memory channels just depends which pins. When straightening the just be gentle. They don't take a lot of force to move
I try unbent pins when I get another MOBO, I am thinking about getting ASRock Z97 Anniversary so I can run my ram's at 2400 MHz.
I am bit on budget right now do You think that ASRock Z97 Anniversary will be good replacement?
You also should not buy memory sticks at different times and expect to run it in dual channel - even if they have the same specs. Many or most times it works out okay but not always. They should be bought as a dual channel kit to eliminate subtle differences in manufacturing batches from one production run to another. But most likely your bent pins are the issue.

How did they get bent? Whatever you did to cause that, if you bought the board new, take care to not repeat it with the new board.
Board was bought like that, but I never really paid attention to that. I noticed that 2 years after I bought board. Everything worked so I didnt even bothered.
But even if I put single stick in A1 or A2 it doesnt work.

btw. are You saying that even sticks are the same I can have problems with dual channel?
That's what he's saying. That's why they sell dual channel kits. IF the sticks are identical they should work but IMO kingston is the worst for just throwing chips on sticks, no binning.
It seems to me that a lot of our forum members outside of the USA use Kingston RAM. I'm not sure why unless its more available and or cheaper than other brands that our USA members typically prefer. Kingston RAM just seems to have more problems than GSKill, Crucial, Adata, etc.
No issues with kingston on intel afaik...it's you amd peeps that have issues.

Binning really doesn't have anything to do with it.

That said, I'd bet it's the bent pins that are the issue and do agree 100% that mismatched sticks like you have is never a good idea.