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Dual core OCing question?

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Jul 27, 2004
First I like to say I don't own a X2 yet but will be buying one this friday yay on me.

I know that both cores have to overclock seperetly. But do they run better at the same speed?

Its hard to explain. But say core 1 is set at 250 and core to is at 200 would this create a problem? Would it run better at 225/225?

I was just thinking becouse alot of time when multitasking there normaly one program that takes the more system resorces.Like a game. So if you had it at 250/200 and the game was set to ran on core 1 and all other task set to core two you see better performence?

But what if you run a program that uses both cores would 250/200 couse problems there?


Dec 6, 2005
you can't clock them seperately, you need to test them seperately to make sure they both run good at the same speed...

my baby runs @ 2.7 GHz :D, so both cores @ 2.7GHz that is ;)