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dual cpu plumbing question

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
just thought about this this mornig. i have a 250gpm pump coming with a 1/2 fittings two blocks with 3/8 fittings and a dd cooling cube with 3/8 fittings. now take into affect that i will be running one 72watt pelt on only one of the cpus. so what im woundering is if i should run the water to the blocks in paralel or series. i see others have used series on there none pelted rigs. but im afraid that the water would be too warm to cool the pelted one effectively. im sure this has been answered before but i couldnt find it in a search. thank you
Why send heated water to the second CPU?

Run them in parallel.

I would run it in this order.

Single line out of pump to "Y" fitting splitting the line into two lines, then each line to the CPU's, then to another Y fitting bringing it back into one line before the radiator.
yes thats the obvious anwser but with the flows and the inlets and such i would think one would recieve most of the water(path of least resistance) so hopefully some one who has a dual water rig can enlighten me on any finding they had to sve me the trouble of testing the too senarios. the only picture ive seen have series plumbing.
I would try runnning it in series with the non-peltier CPU getting the first pass, then to the peltier CPU. Use a temp probe and check the incoming and outgoing water temp at the non-peltier CPU.

I think you will see that the temp delta on the non-peltier CPU is minimal and will have almost no impct on coolign the peltier.
thats awsome thank you! i wasnt looking forward to bumbling with it, and i was worryed about my 3/8 radiator in a parralel syatem. cant wait till the goodies get here in the mail