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Dual Display

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Jun 19, 2001
winnipeg, canada
has anyone ever had any experience with dual display video cards? has anyone ever set up dual monitors in linux? I want a GF3, and then I was going to use a less powerful card for my second one. but then I heard that there are Dual Display video cards... does anyone know if Linux supports dual video cards, or the dual display video cards? Matrox makes one and ATI does also... check them out thay seem to be pretty good but i am wondering how they would perform in the gaming world. how do you think these would perform overclocked?
I just wanted to say that Leadtek's site may have an answer to this.

Check here for my card's specs. Dual display is OK, but has its limits (clone or a wide screen that spans the 2 monitors). Also makes no mention of Linux support. Perhaps the Matrox does, but I never owned one.
Im currently running dual Viewsonic 19" on my Gforce2MX with dual heads. I like it alot, although I would prefer the option of forcing a window to one screen instead of spanning it across the middle inbetween the two monitors. Radeon cards have this option, but not the best performance, we have one running dual monitors on another office computer here. My boss is running three vid cards with three monitors on his system. Its almost best to get a Gforce3 AGP and run another monitor off a PCI card as long as your running Win2k. But for consistancy and space saving, I went with the MX. And PCI cards are becomming scarce now adays.
MaximumPC has a review of dual output video cards (plus others minus gaming) in this month's issue. You might want to check the magizine. In short, they recommend the ATI Radeon VE but blast the gaming performance on the card. You might want to check it out. As far as the linux support, you got me there.
Like Pinky said, check out Leadtek's site for the GeForce 2 MX DH Pro, specs. I run this card across 2 monitors with a total resolution of 2560 x 1024 on x2 17"s. It runs quite well, depending on what sort of stuff you are doing. I have also have a Matrox G400 Max, which I used to run. These cards o/c well, but the OpenGL Drivers suck. The Geforce runs as 2 seperate monitors in Win 98 and one big screen in 2K. Waiting for proper multi display drivers. If you are doing 2D stuff and not much gameing Matrox G450 DH DDR, but the GeForce kicks *** in games. Both O/c well using powerstrip beta. have spent the last two weeks playing about with dual graphics cards to know this.
I ran dual monitors with an AGP and PCI card for a while. WIN 98 does this pretty well. I think it works better than a single GF card. I was able to open app and then drag them to the other monitor. It all depends on what your looking for.

Check out Leadtek and MS sites.