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Dual Fan PSU running system warm....

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Jan 28, 2003
Okay, so awhile back i took the Antec 300 Smart Power PSU out of my SX830 and replaced it with an Enermax 350 Dual Fan PSU. The results were, not noticeable. I'm running overclocked, and havent noticed a huge temp difference from stock and 12.5X166.

So in the last few days, the weather has been nice and warm (27-30C, but with that, the cpu/sys temps have shot up a bit. In my sig, i'm running pretty cool, but in the last few days, i've shot up to 40idle, and up to 47load. So with that, i put my hand behind each exhaust fan, and the psu exhaust, and noticed, damn, that Enermax is warm.

I thought i'd test out the old Antec 300 that i had sitting on the shelf. Nothing was ever wrong with it. By most standards by most in the forums, 300w is not enough.

Now this Antec PSU only has one fan, so i tested it out with this PSU and have posted pics of each PSU sittin idle for 15 mins. Then I ran Prime for 57mins, and stable as a rock, and suprisingly a bit cooler. You'll have to excuse the fact that i did not take a pic of Prime running on the Enermax PSU, but load temps were at 47C.

So with this, I went down again from a 350w psu to a 300 psu, and knocked off a few degrees, and this with a single fan.

Did the dual fan psu do my system any good, besides giving more power...But did the second fan at the bottom actually help anything out. I'm still tryin to run a cooler system as the days are gonna keep gettin warmer.

Heres the test results and systems specs...

PS. Should be gettin my SLK800 and WD 80gb 8mb to replace my Aeroflow and 40gb Maxtor. Hope the slk800 helps cool as i know this new drive will warm up the box a bit more.