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Dual Lan?

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Oct 1, 2001
Seattle, Washington
It's only usefull if you already have a need for 2 lans, otherwise, it's just useless, Personally, I have a Linksys firewall/router hooked up to a hub and five machines running threw it. It seems extreemly efficient for me.

One of my friends of the other hand has a duel lan going w/ 2 network devices on every machine and one hell of a mess w/ cabling, One is suposidly for internet, and the other is for his LAN... It looks verry uneffecient to me. and it's also slower than mine.

I say that there is no good use for it. Except for maybe a cingle reason, If you are running Internet Connection Sharing w/ a cable or DSL modem, Thats the only resonable situation I can think of.


Jul 17, 2001
perth, Australia
yep essentially that will be the most common application.
modem in one port, and another for connection to your LAN or other machine via Xover cable.
Could be handy for a LAN party ;)