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dual p3-P3C-D:is it worth it?

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Sep 30, 2001
sac, ca
I just ordered on of these off ebay and I was wondering if any else had one.
Is it overclockable?Should be interesting:D

Supports Dual Intel Pentium® II/III 350MHz~1000MHz CPU~3x* RIMM sockets for up to 1GB PC800 RDRAM.
The ASUS P3C-D Motherboard is based on the all new Intel® i820 chipset with ATX form factor for the latest support in Dual Intel Pentium® III Slot 1 processors from 350mhz ~ 1000MHz . This new chipset is the first of it's kind to incorporate with PC800MHz RDRAM. This motherboard also supports JumperFreeTM Mode via BIOS setup and optional Crystal CS4280 PCI Audio Controllers. Above all, it is equipped with onboard AGP 4X/ AGP PRO Slot for supporting high end 3D graphics also in 2X mode. This latest technology from Intel is specially for high end workstations with up to 5 PCI slots.


Jan 6, 2002
Have the single CPU P3C-E version. Not much luck OCing a 1000E CPU on slocket; haven't OCed the slot 1 733 yet.


Aug 19, 2001
When the single CPU version of the board came out (P3C-E), guys here in Japan who had 440BXs flocked to it. A couple of months later, there were stacks of the boards in used parts stores. They are going for $30 used now.

I've been playing with a P3C-E and it doesn't overclock as well as a P3V4X, P3B-F, or BE6-II. It'll do maybe 6-8 mhz short. I can hit 124 FSB on an 850E on the other boards but 116 on the P3C-E. Can hit 150 FSB on a P3B-F and 142-144 on the P3C-E.

One problem with RDRAM is you can't drop down to 3-2-2 or 3-3-3 to claim outrageous FSBs. You can drop down from PC800 to PC600 but it will hurt your Sandra score.

Also the Intel 820 chipset can't take advantage of RDRAM's bandwidth, so Sandra scores barely hit 400.

But a couple of things I like about the board: very very stable and has a very good ATA66 controller. Don't need to update to an ATA100 at all. For some reason, I find that 512 MB PC800 RDRAM runs games at 1600x1200 smoother (Radeon 8500) than on other motherboards with same amount of SDRAM and at slightly higher CPU overclocks.